Will My Children Get Cosmetic Braces From The HSE?


The HSE in Ireland covers orthodontic dental treatment for the severe end of the orthodontic treatment spectrum.

They provide a stainless steel option which is an excellent functional brace and will complete the treatment to a very high standard.

Aesthetic braces ( tooth coloured) are not provided by the HSE.  These cosmetic braces cost up to 10 times more for the dentist to purchase, so for that reason are not provided by the HSE dentists.

Tooth coloured varieties include:

Tooth coloured ceramic braces – these are very similar to metal braces but are tooth coloured instead.  They are made of a glass type material and work to a very high standard.

Invisalign “Teen” – this is another option and is a super choice for a self conscious child who does not want the braces to be seen.  They are a clear aligner system and are removable ( although we don’t recommend that they are removed for too long during the day/night) and they must be worn for between 20-22 hours per day.


Very often, when a child is given the option of which type of brace they would like, most opt for the metal option.

Most children don’t  want to appear any different from their friends or draw attention to themselves.  For teenagers metal braces are quite normal.