What is the story with charcoal in our bathrooms?

What’s the story with charcoal in our bathrooms?

Charcoal is not just in our BBQ anymore- it is scattered throughout the rest of the house too!! It has made its way into supplements, facemasks, and now tooth whitening products, thanks to the detoxifying properties which enable it to latch onto dangerous chemicals, dirt and oil. This is the reason that it has been suggested as an agent to whiten our teeth. But does it make our pearly whites, pearly whiter?

Charcoal is commonly used in water filters, activated charcoal is essentialy a form of carbon that has been treated to make the surface of its particles porus. Then, all these nooks and crannies on the surface act like magnets for other particles which it absorbs allowing the unwanted substances to be washed away with the charcoal. So the theory is that Charcoal toothpaste will bind to everything in its path- stains, tartar, bacteria, viruses (and maybe even your tonsils !!)

Is it a good idea to be putting Charcoal in your mouth??
There are concerns about abrasiveness and experts say that regular use of charcoal toothpaste might damage the tooth enamel which protects our teeth from sensitivity. Others say that it simply doesn’t work, because the active ingredient isn’t in contact with your teeth for long enough to have a meaningful whitening effect on the teeth. As mentioned in our previous TOOTH Whitening blog, tooth discolouration is either extrinsic (sitting on the surface) or intrinsic ( inside the tooth structure) and this expert thinks that it might improve the extrinsic stains but the only thing that is going to improve intrinsic staining is peroxide!

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