Dental Bonding

We have been carrying out dental bonding for our patients since we opened in 2000. Procedures and bonding materials have evolved hugely since then and now Dental bonding is the easiest way to improve your smile in just a few hours.

The procedure is painless, most treatments don’t need local anaesthetic or drilling. Dental bonding can be added to a tooth to help restore small chips, fractures and cracks as well as improving the cosmetic appearance of discoloured or worn teeth.

This treatment is gaining popularity because it is not invasive and we are not removing any of your natural tooth unnecessarily. We add directly to your own tooth tissue. The tooth is cleaned and prepared firstly so that the bonding material will adhere well to the tooth.

Dental composite is soft like play-dough initially, we shape to match your tooth size and then the material is hardened with an infrared light. Finally the new restoration is perfected, smoothened and polished. The restoration will last 5-6 years and then can easily be polished up or repaired at that stage.

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