PRSI & Medical Card Entitlements

What are you in Entitled to?

Recent reports show that there is only 30% uptake on the Medical Card and PRSI dental benefits! Isn’t this crazy!!

There are thousands of people in Ireland entitled to free dental examinations and fillings, and most of these people probably need these treatments but just are not presenting to claim them.

Why may you ask? I feel its because people are not aware of their benefit entitlements!  So here is a summary of what you are entitled to…………


On the PRSI you are entitled to: –

  • Free annual dental examination
  • Reduced price scale and polish (price to the patient is capped at €20)
  • Or a reduced price periodontal treatment (this applies to people who have more serious periodontal problems which will be diagnosed by your dentist/hygienist and the fee is capped at €40)It is important to note that we recommend scale and polish appointments twice per year.


It is important to note that we recommend scale and polish appointments twice per year.

As soon as you leave the practice after a dental cleaning, plaque is building up on your teeth and tartar develops in a few weeks. So, the process of gum inflammation and gum disease commence again and leaving it 12 months between your visits will only accelerate your gum problems.


If you hold a full valid medical card and are aged 16 and over, you are entitled to: –

  • Annual dental examination
  • Two fillings per year
  • Any necessary extractions
  • Some prescriptions
  • Dentures and denture repairs (subject to approval)
  • Root canal treatments on the front 6 teeth (subject to approval)
  • Periodontal treatment for pregnant ladies and patients with serious illnesses (subject to approval)


Now, if you are one of the people not claiming their benefit entitlement then please get a move on and call the practice for any further information.

If you don’t use these benefits you loose them!!