Is Dental Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

Patients Always Ask Is It Safe To Have Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Preventative dental care and routine visits with the hygienist are recommended during pregnancy to reduce the risk of infection.

With the increased pregnancy hormones this gives rise to inflammation of the gums.In order to keep this at a minimum it is recommended to visit the hygienist to continue having healthy gingiva (gums) during pregnancy.

However, only essential dental work should be carried out. If dental treatment is essential the best time to have dental treatment carried out is during the 2nd trimester because lying down while in the 3rd trimester for long periods of time, can be difficult/uncomfortable.


I personally feel it is wise to postpone any unnecessary dental work that is elective treatment i.e tooth whitening and cosmetic treatment until after the baby is born.


Is Local Anaesthetic Safe During Pregnancy?

The local anaesthetic (Lidocaine) is considered safe to use during pregnancy even though it does cross the placenta there is minimal risk to the fetus.


Are Antibiotics During Pregnancy?

There are safe that can be prescribed – these will cause minimal harm to the fetus.


The bottom line is if you are considering getting pregnant then it is recommended to get dental work carried out before the pregnancy starts.

Good Luck!