Cloves Oil – Old Wives Tale?

Oil of cloves for centuries has been used as pain relief.  The active ingredient “Eugenol” is a natural anaesthetic, so reduces pain, eases symptoms and is an anti-inflammatory, which reduces swelling and irritation.

Some of our commonly used dental materials contain “Eugenol” – i.e  Sedanol, which is used for dressings.  Another is Alvogel, which is used for “dry socket”  dressings.  For this reason the clove oil smell is associated with the dental practice.


So, is it an “Old Wives Tale” ?

Patients who experience severe dental pain late at night or over a weekend would try anything to get relief, some of these patients turn to Clove oil and have found comfort.

Clove oil powder which is used for baking can be mixed with some olive oil and then applied with cotton wool or swirled around the mouth.

A recent study of homemade clove oil was investigated and was found to reduce the pain of a toothache significantly.

Used in small amounts, it’s safe and effective at relieving dental pain.  However, it is not recommended for long term relief.  Always see your dentist as the expert to treat your toothache.

The side affects of Clove oil are:

  • An unpleasant taste.
  • If over-used can cause an upset stomach.
  • Avoid use of Clove oil on children.