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Chemical Peels

Aging of the skin is caused by a number of natural and environmental factors. Natural factors include the gradual loss of collagen which gives the skin it’s elasticity and laxity of the facial muscles. External causes include UV rays, poor diet, dehydration , alcohol, smoking and use of sunbeds.

Chemical peels can be successfully used to treat the signs of aging with spectacular results. Mild acids are used to exfoliate, tighten and thicken the skin. Dead skin cells present on the surface of the skin fall away revealing new fresh skin underneath. Regular peels promote active renewal of these cells keeping the skin looking youthful and healthy. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. There is enhanced skin texture, colour and elasticity. Pigmentation, photo damage and acne scars can all be dramatically improved.

Chemical peels are carried out by specially trained health care professionals. There are different types of peels which penetrate to different levels on your skin surface and we will discuss the type most suitable to your skin. A chemical peel can be carried out as a single treatment. However for optimal results we recommend a course of 4 peels approximately 2 weeks apart. We provide as part of the course, specific skin products which enhance the overall effect and improve results.

Chemical peels can be categorised as:
Very Superficial peels are suitable for young skin types. They are deep skin cleansers and also remove dead skin cells. They are used in the treatment of oily skin and acne.

Superficial peels (eg.Milk Peel) stimulates the skin and aid in oily skin regulation. They help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles (eg. under eyes and early smokers’ lines). The Milk peek contains 50% glycolic acid, along with salicylic and lactic acids. It penetrates the hair follicle and is thus effective in the treatment of acne.

Medium peels (eg. Cosmo peel and Spot peel) contain a stronger acid that allows deeper exfoliation and skin penetration. Cosmo Peel is indicated for skin rejuvenation, and treatment of smokers and sun damaged skin. It improves elasticity and tightens skin reducing depth of wrinkles. Spot peel is useful for pigmentation spots especially hormonally induced dark spots.

After a treatment, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and a good sunscreen should be worn. Redness or irritation can be expected for 1-3 days and should be treated with K-ceutic repair cream. It is advisable to avoid scratching peeling areas as this may cause scaring.

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