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Fissure sealants

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Fissure sealants are a painless way of protecting your child’s teeth from tooth decay. These sealants are a plastic coating which cover the biting surface of your childs back teeth .

They form a shield o ver the deep fissures and pits and prevent bacteria from lodging and causing decay.


The tooth surface is firstly cleaned and prepared. Application of the seal is really easy and we tell patients that it’s just like a coat of nail varnish painted on with a little brush.

Fissure sealants are either clear or white in colour and they last for at least 2 years. They need to be checked at intervals as they can wear over time and they may need to be replaced or repaired.

While fissure sealants are a great help in preventing tooth decay, they do not replace tooth brushing, however and must be accompanied by good oral hygiene.

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