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Christmas is coming!!

November 28th, 2016

Christmas is nearly here!! I have to say it is definately my time of year! I try to get presents wrapped up early so that I can enjoy the fun. We have great present ideas for your loved ones………

Gift vouchers towards all treatments are available from Jackie our practice manager. Why not give your loved one the incentive to become dentally fit, maybe they need that push and a few euros towards the treatment might give them that push. Conscious sedation is €100 per treatment and we will be offering a discount off this price in January. Tooth whitening is always a popular choice, with our take home treatment costing €200 and the inhouse option costing €395. You can avail of a scale and polish voucher for yourself with our Ulterior motives offer !!!!! Luscious lips is what every young girl wants and we charge €250 for Juvederm Smile, or be wrinklefree with our wide range of anti-wrinkle injectable treatments (from €200) chemical peels (€100) and PRP facials.




Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist Awards 2013

January 28th, 2014

We are so delighted to be highly commended in these awards. Breege Fay nominated us for referring her brother Bertie to Dublin Dental Hospital to investigate a little lump under his tongue. The lump was later diagnosed as oral cancer and Bertie had a 14 hour operation to remove the lesion. We are delighted that he is now fit and well again and telling the tale! Thanks for the kind words Bertie and Breege!!



Tongue Piercings and the risks involved!

November 5th, 2013



Tongue piercing has become more and more popular in Irish mouths and a daily sight for us
dental surgeons. The popularity of tongue piercing, led me to wonder about the
risks associated with this growing trend. What I found out, about the health risks
of tongue piercing shocked me. After learning five of the biggest tongue
piercing risks, has left me a little skeptical.

Risk No.1

Movement of the tongue “stud” itself can traumatise teeth and soft tissues leading to chipped
teeth can cause recession of soft/gum tissues  that it comes in
contact with during speech and eating etc. Chipped teeth can be very painful
and expensive to fix. According to the International Dental Society (IDS), a survey was carried out and up to 39%
of people with these piercings have associated dental problems.  Repair of damaged gums is very expensive. Sometimes gum damage is irreversible.

Risks No.2

A very serious tongue piercing risk is nerve damage which ranges from mild to severe. This can
lead to inabiliby to swallow or in extreme cases, breathing difficulties due to
severe swelling of the tongue. If a nerve is damaged during the tongue piercing
procedure, you could experience permanent numbness in your tongue.

Risk No. 3

Dental hygiene issues are a big risk of tongue piercings. The area where a tongue piercing lays
is breeding grounds for bacteria and plaque. This plaque is a source of
bacteria in your mouth which could lead to further tooth decay or is swallowed
into your digestive system with other associated risks. Patients with tongue
piercings have higher levels of Candida Albicans in their mouths and deadly
brain abscesses have been associated with tongue piercings.

Risk No. 4

A tongue piercing risk that many people don’t consider is that you could swallow the
jewelry. If the tongue piercing jewelry goes in to your lungs, you may need                                                                                                                                            chest surgery to remove it. If you swallow a tongue piercing, you could
incur intestinal tears and serious health problems as a consequence.

Risks No.5

The most serious health risk of tongue piercing is infection and diseases. Infection in
a tongue piercing site could be a relatively minor setback, or it could become
something very serious.

Diseases such as Hepatitis B/C and HIV can be transmitted through an unsterile tongue
piercing procedure. Making sure that the instruments used are sterile and that
the technician wears gloves is one way to minimize your exposure to these

Has the five risks of tongue piercing caused you to reconsider your body piercing plans?

Six Month Smiles

October 15th, 2013

Look at what can be done in 6 months! What a dramatic difference this made for Enya from Redhills. Treatment time was just 7 months and she is delighted with her new smile!

Clear brackets and wires make the brace look very subtle and barely noticeable from a “social distance”.

Cost is €3000 for upper and lower braces or €2000 for single arch treatment. Call us today for a consultation appointment on 049 4332488.

What are my entitlements?

October 8th, 2013

We frequently receive phone calls from new and existing patients enquiring what they are entitled to on the medical card and PRSI dental schemes. The following should help you understand what can be availed of free of charge.

There seems to be confusion among patients about what is covered on the medical card scheme. Patients who present with a valid medical card are entitled to one examination and two fillings in a calendar year. All extractions are covered. Root canal treatments on front teeth and dentures are allowed subject to approval by the HSE. This approval may take up to 6 weeks. Dental scalings are only covered for pregnant ladies or patients who are medically compromised and again are subject to approval. A patient is only entitled to new dentures every 5 years and a tooth can only be filled once in a five year period.

PRSI dental scheme now only covers an examination in a 12 month period and there are specific requirements to qualify for this. A person must be employed and eligibility is determined by age.

It is possible to receive tax relief for some of the treatments we carry out. These include orthodontics, crowns, bridges, veneers and root canal treatment. Our practice manager, Jackie, can supply you with  a “Med2” form and the necessary receipts and a 20% tax rebate on these treatments can be received. As I always say- “Its better than a kick from a donkey!!”

Free Orthodontic Assessments

October 4th, 2013


It’s that time of year, the children are back at school and routine is the way forward. To give mammies an extra little encouragement this month we are offering free Children’s Orthodontic Assessment for teenagers under 18 years of age. This includes an orthodontic assessment, study models and relevant x-rays. This procedure usually costs €90. but you can avail of this offer for free until 31st of October. So call us quick as there are only 20 spaces available and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Hurry!

Our Check Up Beach Party.

September 13th, 2013

Shocking headlines!!

August 28th, 2013

Prof Suzanne Norris of St. James Hospital, has reported that dental tourists who travel abroad for dental treatment may be putting their lives at risk. A number of hepatitis C cases have been identified among “health tourists” who travelled abroad for dental work or cosmetic surgery. The infections were found in patients who travelled to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and South Africa for dental or  cosmetic procedures. The number of confirmed cases is expected to rise as patients who have Hepatitis C are not aware of it.  No cases of transmission of Hepatitic C have been reported as a result of dental or cosmetic treatment carried out in Ireland. Professor Norris has called on the government to begin mass screenings and awareness programmes to identify all those infected by the condition.

Here at Church Street Dental we have come accross several patients who have travelled abroad for cheaper dental implants and cosmetic dental work. In most cases , we have found the work substandard and shabby and now there is another reason NOT to travel for dental treatment. Follow the link below to read more!!


Six Month Smiles

May 31st, 2013



This patient is getting married this summer and 6 months smiles enhanced her smile in just a few months. She is thrilled with her new teeth and will be smiling from ear to ear on her wedding day.

To see if this is possible for you, call us and make a 6 month smiles consult appointment.

Beautiful Marbella

April 11th, 2013


We recently took our principal dentist’s birthday celebrations to Marbella. In total 15 of us travelled to the Vasari Resort near Peurto Banus. We were so excited for months coming up to the trip and you could feel the excitement in the practice. From the minute we got on the bus to the airport it was fun fun fun!!  It was a great bonding session for the practice and we plan on getting away somewhere every year from now on!!

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